people development related concepts

The qualities and traits of a leader are not very different from that of an entrepreneur. What is required in addition to commitment, passion and discipline is courage. If you have the courage to take the risk or the courage to face the consequences of your decision, then you are ready to embark on this journey.

The author believes that it is the "one person" who makes the difference to organisation building. The entrepreneur is the key person responsible for forming the right team who takes the organisation on the path of growth.

The important factor in building a business is that all resources required for it are finally managed by people only. Therefore the most critical factor in organisation building is having the right kind of "people" at every level supported by strong processes and technology. Their competencies and traits will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation. Emphasis has been given to the traits of a leader and the concept of the leadership factory, i.e. why an organisation needs to develop new leaders all the time.

The author has divided the book into organisation building concepts, people development concepts, efficiency/productivity related concepts and growth related concepts.

The author has given immense importance to processes and use of technology for an effective organisation building. In the view of the author, emphasising on the above will enable an entrepreneur to establish an effective and efficient organisation.

The book concludes with personal aspects of the entrepreneur after achieving success.